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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-22

  • Becoming a relational academic #
  • Academic Earth – The Human Brain and Muscular System, Great video lecture on anatomy (36 lectures available) #
  • Fascinating lectures on the nature of death, from Open Yale Courses. Plenty of other great content here #
  • Scholarly Teaching: A Model. Article by Trigwell, Martin, Benjamin and Prosser on the integration of scholarly teaching #

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Did you know?

I recently came across an updated version of the Did you know 2.0 video that was doing the rounds in 2006/2007.  Did you know 3.0 has new statistics (although they’re probably already outdated) and a different visual appeal.

If you haven’t seen it and are interested in the role the internet is playing in fundamentally changing society and education, it’s definitely worth a look.

social media

Some activity at last

It’s been a pretty busy morning so far, catching up on all the feeds that I’ve neglected over the past month or so.  Here’s a list of a few things I found that might be interesting to you.

Found Academic Earth, an online repository of video lectures by international scholars, which could be a useful resource.

Did some research on a social networking platform called Elgg that could be useful for the department, rather than relying on a hosted service like Ning.

Read this short article on differentiated learning spaces at Eduspaces (also powered by Elgg).

Gave some feedback on the OpenPhysio paediatric assignment.

Read a little more on the idea of open research (or research 2.0, online research communities), which is an approach I’d like to consider for the writing of my PhD.

Came across this interesting article on Social learning at C4LPT, a social media platform for learning that runs on Elgg.

Found this presentation on Slideshare about the 21st century classroom.

Found an article on the principles of web-based teaching at the Canadian Journal of Teaching and Technology.

Downloaded an article called Beyond constructivism: exploring future learning paradigms from

Followed a few people on Twitter.


The Social Media Classroom: open source collaborative teaching tool

The Social Media Classroom is a web-based teaching platform developed by Howard Rheingold, the author of Smart Mobs, which uses new web technologies like blogs, wiki, RSS, etc. to encourage collaboration between students and teachers.   I just came across it this evening and would love to play around with it a little bit.  I may have to wait for exams to finish though.

Here’s the link to a talk that Howard gave at TED in 2005:

Here’s the link:


Expanding the e-learning curriculum: oral presentation from SAAHE

In this oral presentation at the SAAHE conference, Dr. J. Dempers of the Division of Forensic Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch discusses the use of digital video to enhance the e-learning curriculum already in place in the Forensic Pathology Department. Currently, the department makes use of Blackboard to manage all course content besides testing, calendaring and video. Dr. Dempers made the argument that the use of video could not only provide a valuable alternative teaching and learning tool, but could also be a source of income for the university, should the content be of value to other institutions.

My notes are available in the following formats:

OpenDocument (.odt)
PDF (.pdf)
Microsoft Word (.doc)