In Beta podcast: Digital health and learning

Last week I met with Joost van Wijchen to brainstorm a joint session we’re offering on an Erasmus+ funded Blended Intensive Programme on Digital Health. We recorded the session for later reflection but decided to also publish it as a podcast.

Here’s a great outline that Joost very generously put together, covering some of the topics we talked about.

  • Adapting to change: How universities and educational systems adapt to a rapidly changing world, embracing complexity and imperfection. The need for epistemic fluidity, where knowledge is generic and contextual.
  • Knowledge vs. information: Differentiate between knowledge, which is personal and contextual, and information, which is more general and can become knowledge when contextualised and integrated into personal understanding.
  • Learning models and education: The necessity of moving beyond the current banking model of education, advocating for a more interactive and adaptive approach to learning. The huge importance of challenging and questioning established norms in education.
  • Role of technology in education: Exploration of how digital and AI technologies can reshape learning and teaching, highlighting the potential benefits and limitations of these tools in education contexts.
  • Complex adaptive systems in learning: Consider education and learning as complex adaptive systems, where knowledge is not just transferred but dynamically created and adapted among students and educators.
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and dependence: Importance of interdisciplinary work in education and healthcare, acknowledging the need for professionals to be open to learning from and depending on others.
  • Philosophical and ontological considerations: Delve into deeper philosophical questions about the nature of knowledge, the role of universities, and the interplay between technology and human understanding.

I loved this conversation on digital health and learning, probably because it was an unplanned and somewhat rambling journey that took us to places we had no intention of going.