2014 SAAHE conference in Cape Town

One of the reasons that I’ve been quite on this blog lately is that I’m working on the SAAHE 2014 organising committee, and we’re starting to gear up for the conference in a little over a month. I thought I’d write a little progress update, just in case you’re considering registering but hadn’t made up your mind.

The SAAHE conference is perhaps the largest annual gathering of health professions educators on the continent, represented by academics, researchers and clinicians from many of the higher education institutions in the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share insights, research findings and experiences with colleagues who are passionate about teaching and learning in the context of health care.

We are really excited that, for the first time in SAAHE’s history, we are having a South African keynote speaker along with our international speakers. Steve Reid joins Debbie Murdoch-Eaton and Jason Frank, along with the winner of the SAAHE Distinguished Educator award (still be announced), in the lineup of keynote presenters.

This year the conference will be held off campus at the DoubleTree Hotel, due to planned rennovations that would make hosting on site logistically complicated. The hotel is a great venue, conveniently located near the city and also able to provide accomodation to out of town delegates.

Entrance lobby at the DoubleTree Hotel.
Entrance lobby at the DoubleTree Hotel.

If you are interested in attending the SAAHE conference, please visit our information page, or contact the conference manager, Debbie Rorich, for additional details. We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 SAAHE conference in Cape Town.

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