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HESS conference (day 1)

OK, so we’ve finished the first day of the conference and it was pretty interesting.  Almost every speaker had something to say that I found interesting.  I attended the following presentations, most of which were in the e-learning track:

  • Keynote: Opening up spaces for research and enquiry
  • Introducing the construct of “conceptual infrastructure” to support higher education development
  • Developing communities of practice in large class teaching using tutorials and forum discussion
  • A theoretical exploration of the potential use and benefits of social software as an emerging technology in support of e-learning in tertiary education
  • A model for ensuring the quality of multimedia learning materials
  • Superstars to teach large classes
  • An overview of teaching and learning in geomatics
  • Uniting life and education
  • Computer skills for university entrants
  • Implementing mentoring using ICT tools

When I get home from the conference, I’ll have a few days to collate all my notes and will try to provide a summary of the conference, or rather, the conference as I experienced it.

I learned a lot today, but the main thing I learned is how much I really don’t know.  The problem with these conferences is that you get to hear about all the really cool things that other people are doing, and in the end your brain explodes because you can’t do everything you want to, not matter how much you really, really wish you could.


Here’s a few pictures from day 1

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