In Beta podcast: Remote-only physiotherapy management

I really enjoyed this conversation with Ben Gordon, a Boston-based physiotherapist who has been working almost entirely remotely since graduating about three years ago.

From the shownotes:

We explore the affordances of remote practice, such as improved access, convenience, and the potential for preventative care or wellness-based physiotherapy models that could scale more effectively. The constraints imposed by remote-only practice are examined as potential catalysts for refocusing physiotherapy on its essence, emphasising software supported decision-making, behavioural change, and the art of asking insightful questions to align with patients’ goals. This realignment disrupts conventional perceptions of “practice” and challenges the profession’s overemphasis on the purely physical aspects of the interaction. And we consider our readiness to adapt to these technological advancements and the implications for professional regulation, which has traditionally been conservative in embracing change.