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Pint of Science presentation: With great power comes great ambiguity

On the 14th of May I’ll be presenting a session on AI as part of the Lincoln Pint of Science festival.

The title of my session is With great power comes great ambiguity: Coming to terms with AI in society.

Title slide of a presentation on the topic of AI in society. The title is: "With great power comes great ambiguity: Coming to terms with AI in society".

This is a reworked version of the keynote presentation I gave at the 2023 ENPHE conference, but substantially shorter and with a different focus, and some practical examples included.

Artificial intelligence is often treated as either our saviour or an existential threat. AI offers transformative potential for improving higher education, yet also raises complex ethical and practical questions. We will explore the complexities of novel human-machine partnerships that combine the strengths of human judgment and data-driven insights. Ultimately, the adoption of AI marks the beginning of new processes where human-machine coalitions drive transformative change in higher education. Together we’ll decide, is AI a threat or our saviour?

If you’re in the Lincoln area and are interested, you can get tickets here. You can also explore the Creative Reactions to the sessions from local artists.

Note: I wanted to avoid the Fright Night slot, as I don’t think the AI discourse needs more alignment with fear and dystopian scenarios. However, the event organisers think that this is the most suitable slot, so we’ll just roll with it.

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