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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-20

  • dRonaldArendse Boxing day #
  • @Shuayb702 the weather here is ridiculous #
  • @RonaldArendse spending Christmas and birthday with my sister & her family #
  • Just arrived in Durban, the air is wet #
  • Future of education. R we having the right conversation? Ed. & social conditions are inseparable #
  • The Problem of Filters and Silos Big ideas lie @ the edge of our field, where we spend the least time #
  • Which Ideas Are the Good Ones? It may take time to recognise the value of innovating in the curriculum #
  • On my way to Durban for a week, let me know if u want to hang out #
  • Anyone got Cell C 3G USB modem running on Ubuntu 10.10? #
  • Playing around with #SlideRocket a bit. Very cool online presentation tool #
  • Being Understood Requires Context… When presenting, just giving the facts isn’t enough #
  • Been looking for an online project management tool. #Gantto seems pretty useful (still in beta) #
  • OER@UCT | Is the Lecture Dead? #
  • Are You Making These Dissertation Writing Mistakes? « To Do: Dissertation #
  • Just applied to participate in the Chrome OS netbook pilot program. B nice 2 c if online only, all the time is feasible #
  • Just confirmed my booking for camping at Monks Cowl next week, should be good times #
  • Having lunch at #Barrique fantastic food, beautiful setting, great service. I’m just saying… #
  • RT @roballen101: RT @whiteafrican – Shouldn’t these #ICTD conferences be held in emerging markets, not Europe and the US? #
  • RT @whiteafrican: Turns out there are very few ICT Research projects done by African institutions (9%), or by Africans at all. #ICTD2010 #
  • Thought Leader » Jennifer Thorpe » The medical mutilation of women’s rights via @mailandguardian #
  • Tech Leader » Wesley Lynch » E-books: Publishing on the eve of a revolution #
  • How 10 Year Olds Explain Cloud Computing – ReadWriteCloud “How big is it? How big do you want it to be?” #
  • Thought Leader » Christmas is sick! I have to agree with most of this. Comments are worth a read too #
  • Cellphones in the Classroom: Distraction or Tool? #
  • RT @wesleylynch: RT @spillly: When I see someone write a word like Twitterverse or Twitteriffic, I Twow up in my mouth a little #
  • Just voted for HootSuite for Best Social Media Management Tool #MashableAwards #
  • RT @newsfromtengrrl: Blind Students Demand Access to Online Course Materials – The Chronicle of Higher Education #

Ubuntu Netbook Remix update

Here are the screenshots of my netbook running the Karmic version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (this link goes to the current stable release, which is Jaunty) that I promised in my previous post:

[nggallery id=23]

I’d recommend installing Ubuntu-Tweak, which exposes a few of the hidden features of Ubuntu and also allows you to easily add plenty of third party repositories to further enhance the OS.

I’ll say again that I’m so impressed with both the Samsung netbook and UNR (Karmic).  I’m getting 6+ hours of battery life (obviously depending on what I’m doing), the display is crisp and beautiful and the keyboard is only slightly smaller than normal, making typing very easy to adapt to.


Moblin, Ubuntu Moblin Remix and Ubuntu Netbook Remix

I’ve had my Samsung NC10 for almost 2 weeks now and am loving it.  I’ve been using it for taking notes at meetings and seminars, as well as at home for simple online tasks.  I thought I’d put up a few notes about the different operating systems I’ve tried so far, because I couldn’t find a whole lot when I was starting out.

The first OS I tried was Moblin, which I was very excited about initially.  I love the innovation of the UI and the fact that the developers are starting from scratch to really do something new with the netbook form factor.  I probably would’ve kept it if it had any sort of presentation software, which is important for me when I’m traveling and need to work on presentations.  There’ll probably be a port of OpenOffice Presenter in the Moblin Garage soon, but I just couldn’t wait.  So, even though I really, really, really wanted to use Moblin, I had to ditch it.

My next project was to try the Ubuntu Moblin Remix, an attempt to integrate the new Moblin UI on top of the development release of Ubuntu’s Karmic Koala, which has been getting decent reviews.  I thought this would be what I needed.  The stability of a Debian-based distribution with the cool new interface from Moblin (and it came with OpenOffice installed).  Unfortunately, I had issues with both Firefox and OpenOffice, the two main reasons that I decided to move from Moblin.  Far from the stability I was looking for, UMR was buggy to the point of being unusable, so unfortunately I had to move on (I did manage to get OpenOffice installed after changing the filesystem from ext4 to ext3, but it would freeze for up to 20 seconds at a time).

I finally tried the Ubuntu Netbook Remix and I have to say that it is beautiful.  I’m running the Karmic daily build, rather than the Jaunty release, so there are lots of usability / design improvements that go along with that.  Besides looking amazing (I’ll add some screenshots soon), everything just works straight out the box, from the webcam, to the sound, to the wireless.  At this early stage, I just can’t fault it on anything (Disclaimer: I’m a hopeless Ubuntu fanboy).

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-28

  • Cultivating Communities of Practice: A Guide to Managing Knowledge – 7 Principles #
  • Can’t wait for my netbook to arrive so that I can play with Moblin 2.0… #
  • BMJ Case Reports blog: Finding your doctor through their published case reports #
  • Trends and issues in open and distance learning in Africa IRRODL, Vol 10, No 4 (2009) #
  • Seeking health information online: does Wikipedia matter? J Am Med Inform Assoc. (2009 Jul-Aug] – PubMed Result #
  • Ethics assign. for 3rd yr South African physio student. Please visit & comment to show support for innovative approach #
  • “What’s New in the Sixth Edition of the APA Publication Manual?” from #
  • “The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning” from #
  • “New Edition of the APA Manual | Virtual Canuck” from #

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