Posted to Diigo 09/11/2011

    • To experience something has a far more profound effect on your ability to remember and influence you than if you simply read it in a book
    • You’ve cast a learner into the world. And that’s the most powerful thing you can do as a teacher
    • The enthusiastic teacher is fundamental to igniting flames of interest in any student in any subject
    • a totally different way of thinking about “teaching” one where “instead of controlling a classroom, a teacher now influences or shapes a network.”
    • apprenticeship for every student in our classrooms these days is not so much grounded in a trade or a profession as much as it is grounded in the process of becoming a learner
    • we teach kids to learn
    • we don’t teach subjects, we teach kids
    • We can’t teach kids to learn unless we are learners ourselves, and our understanding of learning has to encompass the rich, passion-based interactions that take place in these social learning spaces online
    • seeing the purpose of higher education as going beyond the acquisition of knowledge and skills
    • Only this will provide flexibility in applying knowledge, skills, and understanding that will suffice at a time of rapid change and ‘super-complexity’ in dealing with emerging issues and new problems.
    • encourages the development of courses “that set a broad agenda from the start, highlighting the ways of thinking and practicing that are required, and introducing broad questions as ‘throughlines’ that keep students focused on the importance of reaching understanding for themselves.”
    • That doesn’t mean students get to interpret the material as they see fit. It’s more about them making the material their own, storing it where they can find it, and configuring it so that it usefully connects with what else they know
    • convinced that most of our courses need to be reconstructed, if not destructed and rebuilt
    • Entwistle, N. (2010). Taking stock: An overview of key research findings. In J. C. Hughes and J. Mighty, eds., Taking Stock: Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Kingston, Ontario, Canada: School of Policy Studies, Queens University