Technology platforms aren’t communities

You can use an outstanding technology platform that will facilitate engagement, interaction, sharing, collaboration, etc. but without engaged, interactive, generous people who want to work with each other in community, the technology won’t do much at all.

Conversely, a group of like-minded people who want to do interesting things will manage even if they have to use email.

Successful communities are built around people and relationships, not technology platforms.

3 thoughts on “Technology platforms aren’t communities

  1. Michael Rowe Post author

    Hi Sucheta. Thanks for your comment. I tend towards a different perspective. Rather than trying to keep people’s attention (on the community), I think the community serves the needs of the people. In which case, if their attention goes elsewhere then that’s perfectly fine. If the community is in service of people and people decide that they have no need of the community, then the community should go away. Having said that, there are different types of community, and a community of learners in professional degree programme will be structured differently – with different constraints – than a neighborhood social community.

  2. Sucheta Dandekar

    I agree with both of you —Michael and Page. What worries me , as i try to build communities of practice is the sustainability. How can we keep the attention of the people? — just as the attention span in the classes, i have seen , much to my chagrin, that the enthusiasm of people dwindles. So, should we be satisfied with the new contributors to the forums giving way to the new?


    Michael, I agree completely! That’s why we are spending so much time developing and planning for our launch of FAIMER Connect. This is the first time we will have ALL of the global FAIMER community able to interact with each other in one place.

    We’re just in the soft launch phase – the first major activity will be the incoming 2022 IFI Fellows introducing themselves.

    For those of you who are FAIMER Fellows or alumni, from any program, I believe you can register at or follow the video instructions (

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