Resource: An overview of note-taking workflow and tools from Ton Zijlstra

There are hundreds of resources on note-taking systems so don’t take this post as anything more than a collection that caught my attention. Once you go down the ‘zettelkasten’ or ‘digital garden’ rabbit holes, you may find that it takes a while to get out again.

If you already have a sense of what the domain of ‘personal knowledge management’ includes, the list below might serve as a useful introduction to a systematic approach to how you think about knowledge work. If you haven’t yet come across what the fuss is about, you could find a reviews of Sonke Ahrens’ 2017 book, How to take smart notes.

  1. 100 days in Obsidian – Workflow and system
  2. 100 days in Obsidian – Hierarchy and logs
  3. 100 days in Obsidian – Tracking tasks
  4. 100 days in Obsidian – Writing notes (this post had the most areas of overlap for me; here are my annotations)
  5. 100 days in Obsidian – Flow and workspaces
  6. 100 days in Obsidian – Final observations

An interview with Ton Zijlstra by Andy Sylvester, where they discuss some of the posts listed above (you can see the page annotation I made while listening to this podcast).

An example of my notes on the Writing notes post in the list above.