Resource: Advice for successful academics.

30 tips for successful academic research and publishing.

15 top tips for revising journal articles.

Ten tips for increasing your academic visibility.

Tips for qualitative researchers seeking funding – What not to leave out of your grant applications.

Opening up your research – Self-archiving for sociologists.

Why I blog.

Lupton, D. (2019). Resource: Advice for successful academics. This Sociological Life blog.

I’m a fan of Deborah Lupton’s writing and research in general but she also has a great sideline act where she shares her ideas on academic work at her blog, This Sociological Life. Over the years she’s published a few posts that sum up some of her thinking on academia and she’s now put those posts into a PDF that you can download.

If you’re an academic then you’re probably familiar with some of the challenges that Deborah highlights in this short collection of advice, from writing in general, to applying for funding, to reviewing papers. You’ll recognise that, while no-one can really “teach” you how to do any of this, a few suggestions from someone who’s done a lot of it can go a long way. The PDF is relatively short (14 pages) but includes links to additional resources on the topics that Deborah covers. This isn’t a document to read cover to cover (although you may find that valuable too) but something you can dip into every now and again for inspiration and guidance.

I hope you find it as useful as I did.

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