E-learning colloquium

This morning I presented an overview of e-learning at a small colloquium at my university.  I didn’t know who would be in the audience so I decided to take a step back and have a look at the e-learning landscape as I see it.  I tried to look briefly at the following:

  • The current generation of students (the so-called Net Generation)
  • Education as it is and why that won’t work
  • Education as it will be and it’s implications for teachers
  • Social media and why it’s important
  • Examples of specific technologies and the implications of using them
  • Challenges faced in e-learning
  • The way forward
  • E-learning in the mobile space

Clearly with such a broad area of discussion, it was difficult to deeply explore each topic.  As I said, this was a broad overview of the e-learning and potential applications in the higher education space.

Download the OpenDocument version here: e-learning_an_overview