Posted to Diigo 05/05/2010

    • a Community of Practice (CoP) was defined by Wenger as a tightly knit group of colleagues engaged in a shared practice (within the same or similar firm or organization); who meet regularly (usually face-to-face) and share common understandings and language. The CoP members support each other, collaborate in problem solving and generally making sense of a shared world view.
    • a Network of Practice as a distributed aggregation of members who share some common interests and values, but their correspondence and especially face to face meetings occur much less often or not at all. Leadership and activities in a NoP are emergent and usually informal. NoP members interact sporadically and develop their network in an informal and spontaneous manner that is occasioned through blogs, social software based communities, perhaps a face-to-face or online conference, newsgroup, mailing list or other shared social networking interactions. Membership in a NoP is voluntary, usually open, often transitory and likely many of the NOP members are strangers to each other