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Comment: Amazon Transcribe Medical

The new machine learning-powered service, Amazon Transcribe Medical, will allow physicians to quickly dictate their clinical notes and speech into accurate text in real time, without any human intervention, Amazon claims.

Perez, S. (2019). Amazon debuts automatic speech recognition service, Amazon Transcribe Medical. Techcrunch.

I use voice recognition on my phone fairly often and am always impressed by the quality of the notes it makes. And with how quickly it improves. But when it comes to unusual words, like the ones we use in healthcare, natural language processing (NLP) on the phone is left wanting.

This demo from the AWS re:Invent conference goes some way to show how much easier things are going to get. Once the text is accurately recognised, a semantic system will then be able to “make sense” of the text and enter it into an EHR before making suggestions for appropriate follow up appointments, discharge notes, medical prescription, etc. We live in interesting times.