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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-17

  • @Suhaifa it’s an easy walk, easier than lions head, don’t stress 🙂 #
  • Daily Papert We can’t solve the world’s problems with the same thinking that created them #
  • Critical Thinker Explains Skepticism vs. Cynicism via @zite #
  • RT @engadget: MobiUS smartphone ultrasound hits the market two years too late for relevancy #
  • Stephen’s Web – Free learning: essays on open educational resources and copyright via @zite #
  • The atomic method of creating a Powerpoint presentation via @zite #
  • The Complexity Of Learning via @zite #
  • @USMCShrink Focus in education is that tech is good 2 get more content 2 more students in less time 4 less money, which misses the point #
  • A Tablet for the Blind? – Technology Review Elegant and clever solution #
  • What’s Behind the Culture of Academic Dishonesty Cheating doesn’t help if learning matters more than grades #
  • #Zite now my favourite news reading app on the iPad. Flipboard not iterating fast enough #
  • Ask the Students: Their Wise Wishes for Improving Education I keep saying that health education needs more art #
  • @USMCShrink its about not making the assumption that technology in education is automatically a good thing #
  • @USMCShrink I just highlighted a quote, so it was out of context. Did you read the rest of the post? #
  • “technology will be used…for the profit of corporations rather than…the benefit of children” #
  • If you are a clinician who supervises or teaches healthcare students, consider completing my survey Please RT #

Walking up Lions Head

You know how there are always those things you want to do, but you just don’t have time to? Getting out for a walk on weekends has always been one of those things for me. This year I’ve been putting some effort into being more proactive in terms of making time to get out for short walks, knowing that if I don’t, then I’ll never actually get around to it. There are always “more important” things to do.

What I’ve realised however, is that nothing is more important than living.

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Walking in Silvermine

We went for a walk in Silvermine Nature Reserve on Wednesday morning. It wasn’t a long walk and we were only out for about an hour or so, but it was good to be outside for a change. I have a tendency to feel guilty if I’m not working, so getting out and about for a walk is a good way of reminding myself that my life is bigger than my work.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-27

  • Tent set up, went for a walk, found this #
  • Leaving now for 3 days of camping in the #Drakensberg at #MonksCowl Looking forward to some hiking & alone time #
  • Listening to “Elbow”…very cool. Never heard of these guys before, but loving this album #
  • Finishing up #MidlandsMeander with cheesecake & coffee @ Blueberry Hill. Beautiful views over the valley. Been a great day #
  • @weblearning just left the wood turner, got some very cool stuff, thanks for the suggestion #
  • @weblearning thanks for the suggestion, just hot to the place & they’re closed. Beautiful drive though 🙂 #
  • Leaving now to spend the day doing the #MidlandsMeander with the sister. Any suggestions for places to stop? #

Camping in the Drakensberg

I just got back from 3 great days of camping at Monks Cowl up in the Drakensberg. I managed to get in a good few hours of hiking, loads of reading and generally just lazing about. Here are some pics from the walks, as well as one of a cheeky monkey stealing snacks from a neighbours’ table.

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Leaving for the Otter trail today

I’m leaving today for Sedgefield where I’m going to meet up with some friends and family to do the Otter Trail, starting Monday. It’s a 5 day hike along the coast in the Tsitsikamma National Park. It’s been a few years since I’ve done the walk and after the intensity of work over the past few weeks I’m looking forward to being disconnected for a while.