Comment: Email is the original robust, decentralised technology

Email is the original robust, decentralised technology. It’s built on open standards. It’s free. You can do almost anything with it,. This is why, despite Silicon Valley trying to come up with alternatives, email refuses to ‘die’. It’s just too useful.People used to complain about email and the flood of messages in their inbox. But that’s nothing compared to the hundreds (or even thousands!) of messages you can be bombarded with if your organisation uses a workplace chat app.

Belshaw, D. (2020). Email is the original robust, decentralised technology. Open Educational Thinkering blog.

Not much more to say here. You don’t need to sign up for the Shiny New Thing if you want to move to remote teaching and learning. Yes, there are lots of platforms and services that you can use and certainly some that are very good, but you’re not an instructional designer for remote, online or blended learning, and you shouldn’t be expected to become one overnight. And while it may not get you all the way there there’s an awful lot that you can do with plain email.

By Michael Rowe

I'm a lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm interested in technology, education and healthcare and look for places where these things meet.