Chromium: changing the default keyword search

I just came across a pretty cool feature of Chromium…keyword searches.  I know that this idea isn’t new, and now that I know about it, it’s clearly documented in the Google Chrome help pages, but I’ll put up some screenshots anyway.

You begin by typing the URL of the site you’re going to (Chromium will suggest the search you might be looking for):


Press Tab to bring up the site specific search option in the address bar:


Chromium will a few suggestions that might be useful to you:


I noticed that Chromium tells you it’s using a keyword to make the suggestion, which made me think that there must be a way to edit your preferences for what the keyword for each site should be.  A short search later showed that it’s actually pretty easy (although not necessarily intuitive) to edit the keywords.  Right click anywhere in the address bar and choose “Edit search engines”.  In the screenshot below you can see that I’ve changed my keyword for a Wikipedia search from, to wp.


You can find some more useful tips on working with Chromium at The power users guide to Google Chrome, from Lifehacker.

By Michael Rowe

I'm a lecturer in the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm interested in technology, education and healthcare and look for places where these things meet.

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