Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

  • Locate your stolen Linux laptop With Prey – free, opensource tracking app #
  • RT @Peter_vdm: Uruguay cheat their way into the semifinal. Suarez treated as a hero after the game. What a travesty. #wc2010 #
  • RT @IvoVegter: I’m livid. Stop dancing, you thieving, cheating lowlife. Be ashamed. #uru #wc2010 #gha #
  • Disgusting result. Feel sick that cheating paid off for Suarez #wc2010 #
  • RT @GarethCliff: Suarez is a despickable little worm. F*#k him. Ghana deserve to go through just because he’s a tit #
  • RT @bopuc: “have you tried holding it differently?” is the new “did you try rebooting it?” #
  • RT @courosa: Why are people so worried about getting their work remixed? I see that as the ultimate compliment. #
  • @cristinacost You’re really getting around on the conference scene lately 🙂 in reply to cristinacost #
  • Looking for cheap-ish accom. near Wits medical school (Parktown) for conference at end of July. Any suggestions for B&B-type places? #
  • RT @mpaskevi: RT @hjarche: Picking the best medium for our great ideas is a critical 21st century skill @timkastelle #
  • RT @SirKenRobinson: Good thoughts on the education revolution #
  • Is it ever OK for a therapist to snoop on clients online? #
  • Google Chrome Gets Extension Sync #
  • Free Online Textbook Project Gets Federal Money – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education #
  • Springer Announces New Open-Access Journals – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education #
  • The World Cup Desperately Requires Innovation #
  • Sorry, there’s the link for mobile Google Docs #
  • Mobile viewer bring Google Docs to Android Handsets #
  • Mobile Viewer Brings Google Docs to Android Handsets | Android Phone Fans #
  • Dreaming of what can be #

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