Results of the first round of my Delphi study

I’m away on a 3 day writing retreat where I’m trying to put together a full draft of the Delphi study that I’m busy wrapping up. I thought I’d take a break from writing  and do something different (from writing, I mean). I took the full text of the open-ended responses from the first round of my study and created this Wordle…because I can.

The questions were related to the attributes that clinicians and clinical supervisors thought healthcare students should have.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-10

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-21

  • ERN – Networks, CCK09, Memory, Google, Britannica, Location, Immediacy #
  • RT @jamesparks101: take a look at this wordle project #
  • Wordle – Beautiful Word Clouds. Might be useful to determine relative weighting in a document e.g. a CV, or abstract #
  • @pixlr Been playing with Firefox plugin. Very nice, especially screen capture and express editor. Looking forward to offline availability in reply to pixlr #
  • @pixlr I wasn’t aware that the processing takes place locally, that’s pretty cool. Can the software run in the browser when offline? in reply to pixlr #
  • “Laconica is now StatusNet « StatusNet – Open Source microblogging service” from #
  • New blog post: Public libraries on Mendeley #
  • “Share recommended readings using Mendeley’s Public Collections | Mendeley Blog” #
  • I just published Abstract – PhD Proposal (M Rowe) to Scribd #
  • International Collaborative Undergraduate Student Project 2010 – Physiopedia #
  • New blog post: International collaborative undergraduate student project #
  • I just published Abstract – Wikis and Collaborative Learning to Scribd #

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My CV in Wordle

As an experiment, I put my CV (which hasn’t been updated in a while) through Wordle to see what I’d get.  As you can see below, the word cloud it created isn’t reflective of my main areas of interest (i.e. technology in education).  I’m going to spend some time updating the content and then put it through Wordle again to see what the  new cloud looks like.

CV - Wordle original