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Twitter clients: Choqok

I’ve always used Tweetdeck to follow what’s going on with the people I follow (on Twitter, not stalking).  I have Seesmic installed, as well as Twhirl and I’ve experimented with Gwibber.

I’ve known about Choqok for a while now but haven’t really played around with it very much, until recently.  First of all, it’s not a replacement for any of the big “overview” type applications like Tweetdeck and Seesmic.  It’s more along the lines of an unobtrusive client that sits quietly in your system tray until you poke it to see what’s going on.   I also like it’s simple interface and the fact that it integrates nicely with KDE (if you’re running primarily Gnome, then it’s going to need a lot of dependencies that you may not want).

Choqok and a separate search window
Choqok and a separate search window