The first In Beta “Experiments in Physiotherapy Education” unconference

The In Beta project may seem to have been quiet for the last few months but the fact is we’ve been busy organising a two-day In Beta unconference that will take place on 14-15 May 2019 at HESAV in Lausanne, Switzerland. If you’re planning on going to the WCPT conference (10-13 May) and have an […]

Workplace-based assessment

Yesterday I attended a workshop / seminar on workplace-based assessment given by John Norcini, president of FAIMER and creator of the mini-CEX. Here are the notes I took. Methods Summative (“acquired learning” that’s dominated assessment) and formative (feedback that helps to learn, assessment for learning) The methods below into the workplace, require observation and feedback […]

Seminar on Inter-professional Education (IPE)

A few days ago I attended a lunchtime seminar on the value and impact of Interprofessional in health sciences education, presented by Professor Hugh Barr. I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the duration of the discussion, but I took a few notes while I was there. “Interprofessional education (IPE) is sophisticated”. I like this because it […]

Students’ languages and their associations

Our Directorate of Teaching and Learning has organised a series of seminars over the next few months, with invited speakers from a variety of institutions across the country. They’ll be presenting on a range of topics, including academic literacy, integrating technology into teaching, working with large classes, teaching practices, and educational theory. I’ll also be […]

Assessment in an outcomes based curriculum

I attended a seminar / short course on campus yesterday, presented by Prof. Chrissie Boughey from Rhodes University. She spoke about the role of assessment in curriculum development and the link between teaching and assessing. Here are the notes I took. Assessment is the most important factor in improving learning because we get back what […]

Mozilla Open Education course – Overview

We had our first session of the Mozilla Open Education Course earlier this evening and it was pretty interesting.  There were a few technical issues with sound but generally it was very well done.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible. Here’s a few notes that I took during the session.  I know the video […]

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