Link: Enlightenment Wars: Some Reflections on ‘Enlightenment Now,’ One Year Later

I’m a big fan of Steven Pinker’s writing (I know that this isn’t fashionable with the social justice warriors, but there it is) and so was really happy to read his 10 000 word response to some of the criticisms of his latest book, Enlightenment Now. While reviews of the book were overwhelmingly positive many […]

Academic expert says Google and Facebook’s AI researchers aren’t doing science

Google and Facebook, and other corporate research labs are focused on AI for profit, not on advancing science..such laboratories aren’t advancing the field of cognitive science anymore than Ford is advancing the field of physics at the edge. After all, no matter how impressive neural networks are, they operate on principles that date back decades. […]

I enjoyed reading (July)

Artificial Intelligence Is Now Telling Doctors How to Treat You (Daniela Hernandez) Artificial intelligence is still in the very early stages of development–in so many ways, it can’t match our own intelligence–and computers certainly can’t replace doctors at the bedside. But today’s machines are capable of crunching vast amounts of data and identifying patterns that […]

I enjoyed reading (May)

Stop publishing web pages (Anil Dash): Start moving your content management system towards a future where it outputs content to simple APIs, which are consumed by stream-based apps that are either HTML5 in the browser and/or native clients on mobile devices. What happens when everyone is pushing their content out into streams that can be filtered, mixed together, […]

I enjoyed reading (December)

I’m going to try something new on this blog. At the end of every month I’ll write a short post highlighting the things I particularly enjoyed reading. I found that simply pushing them into a Twitter or Google+ feed would tend to obfuscate them among all of the other things that I wanted to point […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-23

Solve For X: synthetic life toolkits #solveforx (craziness) # RT @clin_teacher: We’re live in the app store with our first piece of content: Peer Review of Teaching. Check it out at # Just heard that The Clinical Teacher was approved by Apple. If you’re involved in clinical education check it out # […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-27

@fifino9 I’ve been trying to make sure that I don’t spend all my time in front of the computer, trying to maintain balance 🙂 # Baking rolls # One of the most beautiful, inspirational videos I’ve seen in years # # Making jam for Christmas presents. Strawberry/vanilla, and apricot/ginger. […]

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