Comment: Separating the Art of Medicine from Artificial Intelligence

…the only really useful value of artificial intelligence in chest radiography is, at best, to provide triage support — tell us what is normal and what is not, and highlight where it could possibly be abnormal. Just don’t try and claim that AI can definitively tell us what the abnormality is, because it can’t do so any […]

Facebook and NYU Using AI to Speed Up MRIs

The Facebook/NYU partnership is working to minimize the amount of data that is captured, instead relying on computers to reconstruct the image from imperfect inputs. If this is successful, we may see a 10x reduction in scan times, which would lead to lower costs for MRIs and a much greater utilization of these machines Source: […]

MIT Creates AI to Optimize Brain Cancer Treatment

The goal [with chemotherapy] is basically to poison the tumor cells faster than non-cancerous cells, but the side effects of going after an aggressive disease like this can be devastating. These traditional treatment schedules don’t take into account differences in tumor size, medical histories, genetic profiles, and biomarkers. The system developed by MIT does that, […]

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