Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-05

  • I will be giving a short presentation as part of my contribution to the SAFRI session currently being held in Cape… #
  • Busy with SAFRI 2012 but had to get out for a walk today #
  • A summary of some really innovative ideas in the education space #
  • Born This Way Foundation: guided by research #
  • We’re All Criminals #
  • Why humans have computers, and chimps are stuck with sticks via @zite #
  • Hi Anne Marie. This looks interesting. I’d love to hear what progress you make. #
  • This looks way cool (Google set to revolutionize mHealth and medicine with Google Glasses?) #
  • #SAFRI2012 Day 2 has kicked off with the Tiger Mother leading the sessions on research project development #
  • #SAFRI2012 Too often we get caught up in the “doing” but then we lose sight of the “being” #
  • #SAFRI2012 Create the space in which personal creativity is allowed to come through #
  • #SAFRI2012 Be open to the possibility of change #
  • #SAFRI2012 has begun. SAFRI is an initiative to develop capacity in medical education & research in Africa. Welcome to the new 2012 fellows #
  • @SRoyPhoto no holiday, but teaching on a course and need to stay over for the duration, just in Newlands so not far #
  • @SRoyPhoto still here, going to be away for a few weeks, but maybe when I’m back? Must catch up on your time in india #
  • @SRoyPhoto Hey man, nice pics 🙂 #

Blended learning in clinical education (AMEE presentation)

This is the presentation that I gave at the AMEE conference earlier today. It’s the results of a systematic literature review I did as part of my PhD, where I looked at the use of blended learning in clinical education. The abstract doesn’t give much information owing to the fact that I had to be very brief with my submission. The presentation is (a little) more detailed.

Here’s the abstract:

Here’s the presentation (better to view at, space is limited here):

Social networks and clinical education: presentation at SAAHE

My presentation at the SAAHE conference is a more in-depth look at the same project that I presented at the conference in 2010. The key points I wanted to make were that:

  • Students struggle to develop practice knowledge because it is hidden from them i.e. they can’t “see” our thinking process as we reason our way through clinical issues
  • One way to externalise practice knowledge is by sharing experiences and outcomes as colleagues or peers
  • Social networks facilitate that sharing
  • Reflection needs to be facilitated and structured, otherwise students feel lost
  • Pedagogically sound teaching principles must be integrated no matter what tools you’re using

Here is the presentation that I gave earlier today:

Great Prezi on writing for publication

I’ve been doing a lot of writing this year, trying to catch for lost time at the end of last year, with the result that I’ve been thinking about writing a lot. At times, it had become more like getting through a list of tasks than the expression of meaningful ideas, which is why I really enjoyed this presentation by @thesiswhisperer. This was a useful reminder that there are many different approaches to writing for publication, and it gave me a few ideas on how I could step out of my usual routine.


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-30

The use of innovative technology in clinical education

A few days ago I gave a presentation to our faculty on the use of innovative technologies in teaching practice with specific reference to clinical education. I’ve been using Prezi a bit because I wanted to explore alternative ways of doing presentations. Here it is:

Note: the percentages are the result of surveys within my department, and are not generalisable to any other population.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-18

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-17

Authenticity and vulnerability

Yesterday I posted a reflection on how I’m coming to realise that the personal and social aspects of myself are always present, even when I’m in professional mode. I discussed this as it related to connecting with students on Facebook and the possible benefits that might have for everyone involved.

Coincidentally, I also came across this post on Presentation Zen yesterday, discussing the profound impact and importance of vulnerability in our lives. I thought I’d share it here, as it links strongly to the way I’m thinking about teaching and learning right now. Which is to say that sharing our authentic selves in the classroom may be one way to really connect with our students.

The post makes reference to the video below, where Brene Brown discusses the power of vulnerability in our lives. It’s 20 minutes well spent.