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  • Papert: “…the practice of segregating children by age into “grades” will be seen as…old-fashioned, and inhumane” #
  • Great way to learn physics #
  • Scientists invent lightest material on Earth. What now? via @zite #
  • The Top 10+1 apps in the Mendeley-PLoS Binary Battle! via @zite #
  • Dave Cormier: Explaining Rhizomatic Learning to my five year old. via @zite #
  • Microsoft’s table-sized tablet Surfaces for pre-order via @zite? Cool health-related concept image at the end #
  • @mendeley_com I love the ipad app but hate that I can’t annotate / highlight text. Any plans for that functionality in the lite version? #
  • How odd that #Mendeley isn’t @mendeley. Made an assumption earlier today with a tweet (embarrassed face) #
  • The really basic skill today is the skill of learning #
  • @mendeley I love the ipad app but hate that I can’t annotate / highlight text. Any plans for that functionality in the lite version? #
  • ECAR National Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, 2011 Report | EDUCAUSE #
  • Just published the 2nd round of my survey on clinical education. If you teach healthcare students, please respond at #
  • @whataboutrob Could probably make that work 🙂 #

Posted to Diigo 11/18/2011

    • The really basic skill today is the skill of learning, and the best use of games is to leverage their tendency to enhance it
    • talking about games and learning is an important activity
    • when they get the support and have access to suitable software systems, children’s enthusiasm for playing games easily gives rise to an enthusiasm for making them, and this in turn leads to more sophisticated thinking about all aspects of games
    • the idea that children should draw, write stories and play music is not contradicted by the fact that their work is not of professional quality

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  • Daily Papert What is the role of the teacher in society? #
  • Nudity, Pets, Babies, and Other Adventures in Synchronous Online Learning #
  • If you are a clinician who supervises or teaches healthcare students, please consider completing my survey at #
  • The hierarchical structure of an ePortfolio If your e-portfolio is structured hierarchically, you’re doing it wrong #
  • @mpascoe if they don’t perceive that the class has value, then it doesn’t, at least not for them. Forced attendance won’t change that #
  • Don’t offer students grades in return for attendance in your classes. Just be interesting #
  • @suhaifa hey Su, it was a great day to be out and about. Glad that you and @jacquesmillard could make it #

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  • @Suhaifa it’s an easy walk, easier than lions head, don’t stress 🙂 #
  • Daily Papert We can’t solve the world’s problems with the same thinking that created them #
  • Critical Thinker Explains Skepticism vs. Cynicism via @zite #
  • RT @engadget: MobiUS smartphone ultrasound hits the market two years too late for relevancy #
  • Stephen’s Web – Free learning: essays on open educational resources and copyright via @zite #
  • The atomic method of creating a Powerpoint presentation via @zite #
  • The Complexity Of Learning via @zite #
  • @USMCShrink Focus in education is that tech is good 2 get more content 2 more students in less time 4 less money, which misses the point #
  • A Tablet for the Blind? – Technology Review Elegant and clever solution #
  • What’s Behind the Culture of Academic Dishonesty Cheating doesn’t help if learning matters more than grades #
  • #Zite now my favourite news reading app on the iPad. Flipboard not iterating fast enough #
  • Ask the Students: Their Wise Wishes for Improving Education I keep saying that health education needs more art #
  • @USMCShrink its about not making the assumption that technology in education is automatically a good thing #
  • @USMCShrink I just highlighted a quote, so it was out of context. Did you read the rest of the post? #
  • “technology will be used…for the profit of corporations rather than…the benefit of children” #
  • If you are a clinician who supervises or teaches healthcare students, consider completing my survey Please RT #

Posted to Diigo 10/12/2011

    • In the past, children may not have liked School, but they were persuaded to believe that it was the passport to success in life. To the extent that children reject School as out of touch with contemporary life, they become active agents in creating pressure for change. Like any other social structure, School needs to be accepted by its participants. It will not survive very long beyond the time when children can no longer be persuaded to accord it a degree of legitimation.