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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-08

  • Designing for Social Norms (or How Not to Create Angry Mobs) #
  • @alisa_williams Do u think it’s because no1 has shown them the value of collaboration? The system expects and rewards individual performance #
  • Anatomy of an incident: Helicopter crash at UCT Interesting analysis of how the info spread #
  • Tell me again what you did? Useful framework for writing and brief insight into a no online learning community #
  • It’s easy criticise….and fun too (apparently) Writing papers is hard enough without nasty reviewer comments #
  • British man survives artificial heart transplant #
  • elearnspace › 5 ways tech startups can disrupt education #
  • @RonaldArendse Been thinking about how much disruption can really happen in the institutional context. Can we disrupt at all? #
  • If you could throw everything out and start again, what would your classroom look like? Would you have a classroom? #
  • Visions of Students Today Another video by Michael Wesch #
  • Create a Research Space | Learning Journey Great tips on using a framework for writing #
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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-25

research technology

Mendeley and Dropbox



A little while ago I finally hit the 500 MB free storage limit of Mendeley, which isn’t surprising considering how I go about collecting research papers. Whenever I come across an article that looks like it might be mildly interesting / vaguely related to my work I copy it into a folder that Mendeley watches and that’s it. I have hundreds of papers that I’ve never looked at (and possibly never will). When I’m working on a project or article, I simply type the relevant keywords into Mendeley and it shows me all the papers I that might be useful to me. I know that this probably isn’t the best way to go about it (e.g. what about the serendipitous papers that I’d never find because I’m not actually looking for them i.e. relevance that I don’t know about?).

Anyway, when I hit the limit I thought I was finally going to have to do some tidying of my folder, until I realised that I could use Dropbox to store the PDFs and just tell Mendeley to watch that folder in Dropbox instead. Dropbox does a better job of keeping my articles synced across all of my devices (I don’t think Mendeley was designed to keep papers synced across multiple computers) and I can use Dropbox on my Android phone (Mendeley is still only available on the iPhone).