Delete All Your Apps

A good question to ask yourself when evaluating your apps is “why does this app exist?” If it exists because it costs money to buy, or because it’s the free app extension of a service that costs money, then it is more likely to be able to sustain itself without harvesting and selling your data. […]

Using a Chromebook for academic work

I’ve been thinking about getting a Chromebook as a cheaper laptop alternative, especially since I use Google apps and services extensively. While I was initially sceptical about a browser-based operating system (i.e. ChromeOS), I’ve heard good things about Chromebooks and so I was pretty excited to be offered a demo model from Google Education to try it out. The […]

Update on the Clinical Teacher mobile app

I’ve just finished a full draft of the first article I’ve written for the Clinical Teacher in more than a year. It’s been a busy 12 months and I’ve been involved in a host of other projects but now I’m ready to get back into writing for the mobile app. This next article is on […]

Adding complexity for its own sake

I was discussing a PhD project with a colleague at the HELTASA conference a few weeks ago and she was describing her plan to me. She’s interested in the possibilities that mobile technology brings to higher learning, specifically in nursing education. I gathered that she was talking about mobile as a combination of hardware and […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

Locate your stolen Linux laptop With Prey – free, opensource tracking app # RT @Peter_vdm: Uruguay cheat their way into the semifinal. Suarez treated as a hero after the game. What a travesty. #wc2010 # RT @IvoVegter: I’m livid. Stop dancing, you thieving, cheating lowlife. Be ashamed. #uru #wc2010 #gha # Disgusting result. Feel […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-22

Google and Wikipedia — Separated at Birth? # @patrickkayton I liked the cartoon look 🙂 # YouTube – Students Helping Students. A video by Michael Wesch # I know it’s ridiculously early, but I’m already looking forward to SAAHE ’10 at Wits in July this year # @Sallykenyon12 Not on it at […]

Mobile computing

A few weeks ago I presented at an e-learning colloquium here on campus, where I briefly summed up a few ideas of where I think technology can add value to education.  One of the points I finished with, was the idea that computing is becoming more mobile, with cellphones taking over roles traditionally attributed to […]

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