a16z Podcast: Network Effects, Origin Stories, and the Evolution of Tech

If an inferior product/technology/way of doing things can sometimes “lock in” the market, does that make network effects more about luck, or strategy? It’s not really locked in though, since over and over again the next big thing comes along. So what does that mean for companies and industries that want to make the new […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-20

Mendeley goes open http://ow.ly/1tTg3t # Books Everyone Should Read http://ow.ly/1tTfS6 # VLT Survey Telescope snaps out-of-this-world photos with 268-megapixel camera http://ow.ly/1tSyUs # Surgery podcasts go viral http://ow.ly/1tSxxI # Be like the bamboo http://ow.ly/1tSxut # Visualizing Facebook Groups at UCT http://ow.ly/1tSxhV # My Teaching Philosophy http://ow.ly/1tSx4p # The Rise of Informal Knowledge and the Teacher’s Evolving […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-14

“Universities 2.0”, from SAIDE Newslettervol.15, no.6 2009 http://bit.ly/8Eg1L1 # Another Hyper Definition Image of Cape Town | – http://bit.ly/72Ro4G # @dreamingspires didn’t use those extensions much, but occasionally miss others. Chrome extensions being released often though in reply to dreamingspires # @dreamingspires agreed, have pretty much switched to chromium purely because of speed, hardly use […]

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