Google Translate: when small things make a big difference

I’ve never really had the need to use Google Translate. Most of the content I come across is in English, and if it isn’t I’ve never read it and so never realised what I was missing out on. Earlier today I came across Ilona Buchem via a post from Stephen Downes, pointing out a presentation on PLE’s that she’d shared on Slideshare. The presentation led me to her blog, which was in German.

Chromium helpfully popped up a tab asking if the text should be translated from German into English, which I agreed to. After reading the first few posts, I decided that this was someone to include in my network. After clicking the RSS icon in the browser, it automatically imported the feed to my GReader account, again asking if this feed should always be translated into English.

Every so often I’m blown away by an elegant and intuitive solution to what was previously (for me, in this instance), an almost insurmountable obstacle.