Continuing professional development (CPD)

It’s our responsibility as healthcare professionals to keep up to date with our professional development in terms of maintaining clinical skills, improving knowledge and many other aspects of our practice.  Unfortunately, due to host of problems, it’s often difficult to stay current and to accumulate the required number of points.

One option is to sign up with eCPD, an online, accredited provider of CPD points.  Registration allows you to login and find a topic you’d like to know more about, download the open access journal article and answer a few questions based on that article.  You get one free credit when you register, but additional credits have to be bought.  With my free credit I chose Research ethics in rehabilitation, which will provide me with 1 (Level 2) Continuing Education Unit.

I wouldn’t recommend that this be your only source of CPD points, however it is a handy solution for those of us who sometimes struggle to make it to journal clubs or conferences.

Link to the site: