Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-26

  • @JeffNugent Saw demo a few months ago, looks great but expensive (in South Africa). Looking for open source alternatives. Know of any? in reply to JeffNugent #
  • Pause/rewind podcast lectures = higher test scores. But technology just a tool, students must still work. #
  • SA government turns it’s back on Zimbabwean refugees fleeing instability, starvation and collapsed health system #
  • “Cholera just tip of Zimbabwe’s…crisis”, near total collapse of healthcare systems creates massive medical emergency #
  • Multimedia resources from Doctors without borders, great for teaching Human Rights and their relationship to health #
  • Life-saving surgery by text message. Cellphones seem like old tech now, but it’s the only tech available in some places #
  • @sbestbier Where’s the link to the page describing the widgets? in reply to sbestbier #
  • 3D globe with live (?) Twitter stream. Pretty cool #
  • 2D version here Striking how few tweets originate in Africa #

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