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Posted to Diigo 01/08/2012

    • We need highly educated teachers, appreciation of the profession, empower teachers, have decision making in classroom and school level etc. When these are in place we may focus on education, instead of training children to tests.
    • I think, however, that these stories are missing one important thing: smart, continuos development of the system
    • So what is smart continuos development? It is a bit like agile software development.
    • Here is my (agile) values for educational system development:

      • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
      • Working class room / school / school district over comprehensive documentation
      • Stakeholder (administration, schools, teachers, researchers, parents etc.) collaboration over contract negotiation
      • Responding to change over following a plan

      Finally. There’s always room to be better.

    • This opens access up to students using any browser and any device, and sets Kno apart from other digital textbook providers who’ve focused on iOS and Android devices
    • Kno’s app will now be available on the Web, not just on the iPad
    • Kno is unveiling a Facebook app. Students will be able to access their textbooks while on the website where they’re already spending a large portion of their time
    • students’ relationship with their textbooks isn’t simply about reading, it’s studying and (just as likely) cramming. Indeed, on the first day of class, says Rashid, a textbook is the most important tool a student has. But as the semester progresses, the value of the textbook diminishes; and the value of the student’s notes — the information the student has curated, highlighted, jotted down, annotated, and so on — surpasses it. So when it comes time to study for finals, the student’s notes — from class and from the textbook — are what matters. And to that end, the last product announced by Kno today is Journal. Like Quiz Me, this feature is now a standard part of the Kno iPad app. Journal automatically transfers all the images, text and media that a student highlights, along with annotations and notes (and eventually audio recordings from class too, says Rashid) from the textbook into a separate (but in-app) notebook for easy review