Face-to-face as a subset of virtual learning spaces?


…educational technology is no longer a single innovation or a group of innovations but a sea change based on the awareness that face-to-face (F2F) pedagogy is a subset of the virtual learning environment — and not the other way around.

I like this quote from an old post by 21st century fluency, although I’m not sure I completely agree with it. I like the idea that we need to change our mindset and think of face-to-face spaces as a subset of learning spaces, rather than the predominant one. But, I don’t think of virtual spaces as the predominant space either. I think that learning spaces are both physical and / or virtual and that there isn’t a hierarchical structure to how these spaces are conceived. I talk about blended learning, but increasingly there is only learning, and we use a range of tools that sometimes includes digital spaces, sometimes whiteboards, sometimes models, and sometimes conversations. They’re all just ways of connecting people and ideas.