Basic presentation skills for postgraduates

A few weeks ago I gave a presentation to our postgraduate students who were preparing to submit their Masters proposals. One of our requirements in the department is that any student wanting to submit a proposal must present to the the department for critical feedback. We want our proposals to be as strong as possible when they serve at our faculty Higher Degrees committee. Many of our postgraduate students come from other African countries, and very often have formally presented before. I was asked to give a short presentation giving them a few tips on academic presentations.

I wanted to step out of the linear, bullet point style of presenting that Powerpoint defaults to, so decided to try Prezi for a change. I’d played around with it a few years ago but struggled with the interface. This time I found it more agreeable and enjoyed playing around with it. It is a bit all over the place and the spacing doesn’t always work but anyway, here’s the presentation:

2 thoughts on “Basic presentation skills for postgraduates”

  1. Hi Roisin. There isn’t meant to be any sound, as we unfortunately don’t record audio for our presentations. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Michael,
    is there supposed to be sound? I didn’t hear anything. Useful presentation though. Thanks.

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