Writing support group

I was talking to a colleague on Friday about how difficult it is to commit to spending a few hours to writing, and that even when you do, there’re always emails, phone calls, etc. that interrupt the process. I’d been thinking about this for about a week, after a friend of mine told me about the Pomodoro technique for more productive time management. Now that work pressure is easing up a bit (all exams have been prepared, very few lectures remain, and we only have one more group to move through their clinical placements), we can start spending more time on our own research activities in the department.

A few of us have started collecting data and drafting initial outlines of our first phase articles (we’re going for PhD through publication), and need to spend dedicated time to get finished. In addition, I have 2 other articles unrelated to my PhD that I need to get out by the end of the year. That’s 4 articles in total that I’d like to have submitted in the next few months…what was I thinking?

So anyway, we’ve decided to start a writing group within our department. We’ll meet once a week for a few hours, out of our offices and disconnected from the net, with instructions from admin not to disturb us. I’m hoping that this will give me enough momentum to get it done, as well as create a bit of a support group. It’s easy to find an excuse when it’s just you, but when your group is asking how you’re getting on, it’s much harder to procrastinate.

We’ll see how it goes.