Otter trail

I recently got back from the Otter trail and I have to say that while I expected it to be tough, it was a lot harder than I remember it. Of course I was a bit younger (and fitter) the last time I did it, I carried heavier than I ever have before (26kg), and there was hardly any water on the trail (winter is the dry season in that part of the country).

It was also not a trail without incident. On the second day, one of us took a wrong turn at a poorly marked section of the trail and spent 2 hours lost and confused. On the third day, one of our group twisted her ankle and had to be stretchered out by a mountain rescue team. And on the fourth day we decided that the river crossing was too dangerous to be attempted and so we all took the emergency route out.

Having said that, it was a great experience, scary incidents and freezing conditions aside. Here are some pics.

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  1. The route markings on most of the trail were very good, and even more so at the Bloukrans. There were 2 signposts (I think) coming down to the river indicating the escape route, as well as warnings and contact information. Very clear and well explained. I’m not sure if you can see from the photo’s I put up, but there was a very deep channel over the last 20-30 metres of the river crossing, so even though we could’ve walked more than halfway across without getting our pants wet, the last section was a bit rough. We spent about an hour deliberating at the mouth before deciding to go all the way back up.

    Are you going to be doing the trail anytime soon?

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